Workshop: ‘The Habits of Highly Effective Writers’

This workshop is organised by the Oxford Learning Institute (ie. not the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing), is presented by Professor Helen Sword (University of Auckland, New Zealand), and is designed to help you become a more successful and productive academic writer. Please sign up for one of the limited number of places available at
It will take place on Thursday 16 May 2013, 14.00-17.00 at Pembroke College and is organised by the Oxford Learning Institute.
The Habits of Highly Effective Writers
“Publish or perish” is the mantra in academia. Yet few academics have been explicitly trained as writers, and fewer still have been taught the art of maintaining research productivity without sacrificing their sanity and work-life balance. Helen Sword, author of Stylish Academic Writing, has interviewed more than 80 successful academics from across the disciplines to find out about their professional formation as writers, their daily work habits, and their habits of mind. In this interactive workshop she will present a variety of evidence-based strategies for colleagues who aspire to write more confidently, stylishly, engagingly, daringly, or simply more prolifically.
Helen Sword is a scholar, poet, and award-winning teacher who has published widely on modernist literature, higher education pedagogy, digital poetics, and academic writing. Her books includeEngendering Inspiration (1995), Ghostwriting Modernism (2002), The Writer’s Diet (2007), Pacific Rim Modernisms (co-edited 2009), and Stylish Academic Writing (Harvard University Press 2012). She works in the Centre for Academic Development at the University of Auckland, where she received a 2007 Teaching Excellence Award for Innovation in Teaching. See her website ( for links to her books, her digital poetry and the Writer’s Diet, a free diagnostic tool for writers.
For further details, please contact Kathryn Black at the Oxford Learning Institute (; telephone: 01865 (2)86825)

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